all-in-one solution PG 2306EP

turnkey solution for vacuum detection

Our brand new developed PG2306EP vacuum tester quickly and efficiently checks your vials for vacuum and leaks.

The measurement algorithm was designed for optimal product protection.

The compact device (only 26cm wide) is characterized by simple, safe handling and is immediately ready for use after connection to a Schuko socket.

We focused our development of PG2306EP on safe and uncomplicated handling. Operation is limited to place the vial into the test adapter. The fully automatic measurement is started by pressing down the protective hood, which effectively prevents unwanted contact with the high voltage carrying electrode.

The color touch display always provides information about the process and the result of the measurement. The device can be set up individually using a password-protected menu.

Two serial interfaces are integrated for the documentation of the measurements and optionally for remote control and test purposes.

  • Vials between 15mm and 35mm in diameter and 25 up to a height of 68mm can be tested. The adjustment is done by our quick-change adapter.
  • The testable internal pressure is in the range 0.05mBar to approx. 120mBar

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