GNT, based in Würselen near Aachen, is developer and manufacturer of plasma based test and measurement systems.

Leading companies of the pharmaceutical industry, the lighting industry and the solar thermal industry rely on our products and solutions as well as companies testing the insulation of cables and wires. GNT products are successfully serving universities, laboratories and R&D departments.

The analysis of the specific plasma light emissions allows to determine the internal pressure as well as the gas composition. Furthermore, GNT systems enable the identification of glass leakage, glass breakages and defects in wire insulation during production process.

The technology of GNT allows non-contact and non-destructive vacuum testing of closed glass containers, using an advanced plasma approach. GNT plasma devices are based on sophisticated digitally controlled plasma generation and -detection.

GNT offers solutions for desktop use, stationary and portable use, and for in-production-lines with a throughput of up to 15 tests per second.

The technically high-end GNT solutions are designed, maintained and further developed to satisfy our customer’s requirements to provide a trouble free application.

In addition, courses and trainings are held individually or jointly with our partner companies in the field of mechanical engineering.