HVP – Highvoltage Probes

For the operation of the plasma generators the so-called High Voltage Probe (HV Probe) and plasma electrodes (test tips) are required. The standard cable length is 2.5 meters. HV Probes are available in standard version and with a pistol grip. Special cradles or mounts are on hand for both models. Suitable electrode tips are available in various designs.

HVP-3  –  HighVoltageProbe for stationary application

This HV probe is used for stationary applications, especially in automated operation.

On request, we design and manufacture customer-specific brackets. HVP-3 has been engineered for high continuous output.

Dimension: 316*50,7 mm

Part number: 4050426000234

HVP-2  –  HighVoltageProbe with Pistolgrip and Momentary Switch

The HVP-2 is designed as a hand-held device and is used wherever the plasma energy (manually) is to be applied to the test object. This is the case in all manual test sequences and in the pre- and post-control of products.

The high voltage for plasma generation is triggered by pressing the pushbutton that is ergo-nomically placed on the handle.

Dimension: 316 * 116,7 mm

Part number: 4050426000289


Brass-tip standard – for standard applications
Dimension: Length 40mm
ItemNo.: 4050426000142

Brass-tip sharp – best choice for rapid inital ignition
Dimension: Length 40mm
ItemNo: 4050426000456

Brush-tip  – for manual application such as isolation coating test
Dimension: Length 90mm
ItemNo: 4050426000265

Customized Formats – available on request


  • 4 fastenings
  • Waterproof up to 4 m
  • Dust-proof
  • Air-tight
  • Stackable
  • 1 x foam mat with pimple texture
  • 1 x foam mat with cube-shaped pre-punched foam insert
  • 2 x straight foam mats
  • Lockable using 2 padlocks (not included in box contents)
  • Resistant to lyes and acids
  • Air pressure equalisation thanks to knurled screw seal
  • Made from special polyethylene plastic
  • Temperature-resistant across a wide range
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Special seal

Item No. for product specific cases on request