PLASMAGENERATOR PG 100Basic AND PG 100BasicM – spot and single testing

Non-destructive, Visual Test of Sealed Glass Tubes

PG 100Basic is a universal generator for plasma applications. It has been developed for manual quality-control testing and it is suitable for a variety of tasks in non-destructive quality testing and quality assurance.

Using PG 100Basic is already a common practice in the lighting industry for checking gas pressure or gas content in sealed glass tubes or bulbs as well as for initial ignition.

PG 100Basic is also suitable to carry out surface testing to identify imperfections in coatings (pores).

The operation is non-hazardous, both in stationary and in mobile applications. The signal-generation method ensures that high voltages cannot penetrate the human body, preventing any risk of electric shocks.

PG 100Basic is characterized by operational safety, reliability, high performance, and ease of operation. Special emphasis was placed on user-friendly operation and additional safety.

Details of the signal generation, control and operation can be customized on request.


  • Processor-controlled high-voltage plasma generator
  • Continuously-adjustable power setting
  • Safe switch-on, temperature control
  • Non-hazardous operation due to special high-frequency modulation
  • Convenient to handle – suitable bow- and prop-up-handles
  • LED status indicators
  • IP 50, dust-resistant design
  • Range of plasma electrodes (probes, tips) available
  • User-specific firmware customizing available (frequency, output, pulse-controlled operation)
  • High Voltage Generation ca. 50kV, 380kHz, Modulation 5600 Hz
  • battery pack (-M option)
  • Operation Time : single test >8 h, continuous operation approx. 2 h
  • Vacuum testing (air) 0,1..300mBar
  • Noble gas testing: Range depending on type of noble gas
  • Dimensions and weight  100(W) * 80(H) * 260(D) mm – 0,9 kg
  • Part number: 4050426000241


  • Non-destructive, visual testing of gas composition in sealed glass tubes
  • Non-destructive, visual testing of partial vacuum in sealed glass tubes
  • Spot / single testing of lighting systems (function, initial ignition)
  • Spot / single testing to identify leakage / breakage of glass tubes
  • General high-voltage applications (e.g. cable insulation testing, surface testing)

Operating Voltage            : 100 – 240 V/AC 50 – 60Hz

Dimensions                        : 110 (W) * 80 (H) * 260 (D) mm