GNT offers suitable solutions for a big variety of use cases:


Is there a risk because of the high operating voltage?

No. GNT plasma generators use a high frequency modulation of approximately 400 kHz. Thanks to this, the high voltages cannot enter the body. All energy is transported through the isolated Tesla transformer, which ensures, that even in a case of a defect, electrical hazard is effectively avoided.

Operating GNT devices is completely safe and no special enclosures are required.

Is there an impact on the tested product?

The energy required for plasma generation is limited to the absolutely necessary minimum by the GNT measuring algorithm PASS (available at PG1202G, PG1203IP and PG1206S). As soon as a plasma has established, the microcontroller unit will dynamically reduce the energy within a fraction of a millisecond. The complete measurement will be finalized within less than 100 milliseconds. Energy will drop to zero immediately as soon as the measurement has been completed.

The total applied energy will be just a few percent in comparison to a tester that works with continuous power.

How fast is it?

GNT’s advanced testers PG1202G and 1203IP are designed for high volume testing in production lines. Triggered through an existing PLC, the devices will respond with a good/non good or quantitative value within 100ms or less. A throughput of 30,000 pieces per hour can be achieved. A special high speed mode, which is limited to good/non good indication based on a fixed level, allows increasing the throughput up to 50,000 pieces per hour.

Is a dark room needed to detect the plasma?

No. PASS measurement works with a highly sensitive detector. As a result, plasmas can be reliably identified even in normal daylight or artificial light. A darkening of the test environment is therefore not necessary.

How to do what with GNT devices?

Due to safe application, high reliability and constant power output, GNT systems are used in many different applications, eg. in case of surface tests, at insulation test for cables or wires, for first ignition of gas discharge lamps, for detection of glass breakage in vials and flakes, detection of unwanted foreign gases in evacuated special tubes, for example solar heating tubes.

GNT offers a broad selection of plasma devices:

PG10 is especially designed for portability and singletest. The Li-Ion battery allows an operation time of up to 4 hours.

PG100 and PG100M have been designed as standalone units for manual testing.

PG1200, 1202G and 1203IP are suitable for integration into automated production lines. They can be implemented with interfaces to PLC, serial interfaces, and optionally Profibus/CAN/LAN.

Alternatively, they can be used in semi-automatic operation mode as standalone devices. The integrated color display, the wheel controller and the soft keys give the user full control even in stand alone or manual operation mode.

 PG1206S is an all-in one tester for spot checks in warehouse or single tests at the end user site (f.e.: hospitals, doctor’s practices).

The integrated color display guides the user step by step through the test process.