all-in-one Vacuumtester PG 1206S

Plug and Play Single and Small Series test system

The PG 1206S is a turnkey solution and all-in-one system for testing single (partially) evacuated vessels (spot or mass tests). The field of applications ranges from the quality assurance for incoming goods (IQC), the production and the output control (OQC) up to the control during the application preparation in the laboratory, the doctor’s practice or in hospital.

This test system is a turnkey solution and immediately ready for use. Vials sized 8ml to 500ml can be tested by optionally available position adapters. The device has been designed for very high output power so that even glass containers with low vacuum (up to 500 mbar for air) and large volume (approx. 500 ml) can be tested.

PG1206S is equipped with PASS technology, using fully digital plasma generation and the high-sensitivity digital plasma detector.

The device has been designed for use in clean rooms. The housing allows easy disinfection. High degree of operational safety, high performance and high reliability are the characteristics of the PG 1206S. Particular emphasis was placed on a user-friendly operation.

The PG 1206S display guides the user through the individual operating steps. The test results are recorded with integrated counters.

All settings are protected by a password, which prevents unauthorized manipulation. Since the device has a very high performance, a two-hand operation was implemented to provide optimum safety in use.

PG1206S can be adopted to nearly any user specific formats by using customized stand adaptors and HV tips.


  • Automatic system for gentle and non-destructive measurement of vacuum with PASS technology
  • High performance and ready-to-use universal all-in-one solution
  • Two hand operation & optical DUT recognition for optimized safety
  • Extensive safety and self-test functions
  • Most independently of the ambient light conditions and interference-free signal transmission with fiber optics
  • Non-hazardous operation due to special modulation
  • Color TFT display serves as user guidance and for displaying data
  • Projection of the measured data on the display, daily and overall counter
  • Pin-code protected configuration & counter resets
  • IP50; sealed construction allows easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Adapter for different format of test-objects available
  • Service indicator and real-time clock
  • User-specific firmware customizing available
  • High Voltage Generation ca. 60kV, 380kHz, Modulation 5600 Hz
  • Vacuum testing (air): 1 – 500mBar
  • Dimensions and weight  145(W) * 290(H) * 250(D) mm3, 4,3 kg
  • Part number: 4050426000470


  • Quality assurance of incoming goods (IQC), during production, of output control (OQC), during application preparation in laboratory, medical practices or in hospital
  • For quality assurance in pharmaceutical industry (spot and mass tests)