Plasmagenerator PG 10 – spot and single testing

Portable Battery Powered Vacuum- and Gas Tester

PG10 is a high-voltage generator especially designed for portability and used to check gas pressure (vacuum) and content in sealed glass tubes.

High voltage coil, processor-controlled signal generation, power stage and the power supply by a Li-Ion battery are housed in a compact hand-held probe.

Typical applications for the PG 10 are rapid tests in the lower power range, where mobility and ease of use are essential. Like all GNT plasma devices, the device has a modulation of the high voltage, which effectively prevents any risk to the user. GNT customers choose PG 10 as a cost effective and easily applicable way to check vacuum inside the vessels before use.


  • Mobile operation with internal battery pack
  • Easy operation by push-button
  • Operation control with LED
  • Automatic monitoring of temperature and battery charge condition with LED
  • User-specific firmware customizing possible (frequency, output, pulse-controlled operation)
  • Processor-controlled high-voltage plasma generator
  • Li-Ion battery pack 900mAh
  • Supplied with charger
  • High Voltage Generation: approx. 25kV, 380kHz, Modulation 5600 Hz
  • Operation Time single test >4 h, continuous operation approx. 1 h
  • Vacuum testing (air): 0,1..20mBar (for air)
  • Noble gas testing: Range depending on type of noble gas
  • Part number       4050426000401


  • Rapid testing of vials in the pharmaceutical industry, in hospitals, or in pharmacies and medical practices.
  • On-site test of air-evacuated sample tubes in environmental engineering.
  • Quick test of inert gas fills, test of neon, xenon, and energy saving lamps in the lighting industry.
  • Portable operation