PLASMAGENERATOR PG 1200 – manual or automatic testing

Plasma Generator for Manual or Automatic Testing

PG 1200 series of universal plasma generators can be employed wherever gas mixtures in sealed glass containers require verification by non-destructive means. Manual and semi-automatic modes for testing can be easily selected via keypad and incremental encoder.

An interface to PLC allows remote control by external host computers. The PG 1200 can be upgraded to a complete system solution in combination with an existing camera solution.

The illuminated color display provides constant information to the operator about the current device status. The unit’s ease of application makes it suitable for use in manufacturing and in the laboratory.

As with all GNT devices, specific requirements and modifications can be integrated by customization.


  • Universal system for manual or automatic non-destructive testing
  • Continuously-adjustable power setting, fast testing
  • Extensive safety and self-test functions
  • Non-hazardous operation due to special modulation
  • Convenient to handle – suitable bow- and prop-up-handles
  • Easy and clear user interface with TFT color display, softkeys and incremental encoder
  • IP 50, dust-resistant design
  • A range of plasma electrodes (probes, tips) available
  • Interface to PLC connection via M8 connector, optically isolated
  • Host computer, network and other interfaces available
  • Service indicator and real-time clock
  • User-specific firmware customizing available (frequency, output, pulse-controlled operation)
  • High Voltage Generation ca. 60kV, 380kHz, Modulation 5600 Hz
  • Vacuum testing (air): 0,1 – 400mBar
  • Dimensions and weight  200(W) * 120(H) * 250(D) mm3, 2,6 kg
  • Part number: 4050426000227


  • Non-destructive, visual testing of gas composition in sealed glass tubes
  • Non-destructive, visual testing of vacuum in sealed glass tubes
  • Single Test and Bulk Test for
    • bulbs at production-line (semi-finished and finished products in Lighting industry)
    • glass tubes to detect glass damage or leakage
    • Testing of solar high-vacuum tubes
  • OQC: lamps at final inspection area (function test)
  • General high-voltage applications (e.g. cable insulation testing)

Operating Voltage                  : 110 – 240 V/AC 50 – 60Hz

Dimension                                 : 200(W) * 120(H) * 250(D) mm